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LIVE BLOG - UK Tour Brighton - Day 1b


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Good afternoon and welcome to the return of the Unibet UK Tour. 

This weekend we are in the sunny, and slightly windy, city of Brighton! This is Unibet's second appearance at the Rendezvous Casino in 2017 after a successful event back in March when Mateusz Krzyzewski bested a field of 261 players to take home £14,090 and an EO open package. 

Today sees Day 1b taking place at 4 pm after a massive 167 entries took to the felt yesterday for Day 1a. This means we are only 33 entries off of the £40,000 GTD and March's record-breaking £52,200 prize pool could well be beaten today!

Unibet ambassadors Ian Simpson (102,700) and David Vanderheyden (207,600) have both secured their place in tomorrow's Day 2 with the rest of the team back here today in a bid to join them. 24120078218_cd0b6ce57b_z.jpg.c8f65f4958dcc96fbd38514ec27bbaca.jpg



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@MetalWolf wrote:

167 very impressive after the number starting 1a in Notts. Good luck all I look forward to reading how it goes!

Notts is a bad venue for the tour 2 years with overlay :( All the other venues reach the guarantee and more.

Hoping next year Unibet double up on Manchester or Glasgow and drop Nottingham.(pref Mcr as its 10 minutes for me :) ) or even double up on both annd have 6 games with a leaderboard, know @DavidP_Unibet had this in mind last year.

GL all who are playing from the community.


You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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The play is underway with some familiar names on the registration list. 

Daiva Byrne has position on fellow Unibet ambassador Dara O'Kearney on table 7 with Fredrik @expertBergie Bergmann, Barry Mills and previous Brighton leg runner-up Renata Jack also sat at this tough starting table. 

Tim @MathrimC Bruneel, Simon Griffin, William 'HensiePensie' Hens, Sameer Singh, Kelly Saxby and reigning champion Mateusz Krzyzewski are all in action today. 




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@MetalWolf wrote:

@jonny2192I will be at Manchester. Never been to the casino so looking forward to that and easy for me to ge to. Shame about Notts. I loved the city and nightlife and everyone was really friendly. Suppose not the easiest place to get to if you are London or North West. 

Easier to get to than Brighton for me :) Glasgow was an easy journey aswell.

Notts problem is not the casino but the other big casino that puts on competing games.

I will go Mcr even if i dont get a seat to visit community members.

You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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With 89 entries in the first 30 minutes of play on Day 1b the Unibet UK Tour Brighton has beaten it's £40,000 guarantee! 

Yesterday's Day 1a saw a record-breaking 167 entries for a starting day on the tour. 

Blinds are currently 25/50 in level one with players sitting with a 25,000 starting chip stack. 

There will be twelve 40-minute levels played today with all players going the distance returning tomorrow at 2 pm for the final day. 

As always, let me know of any players who you are rooting for here in Brighton and send your chip stack update requests in!


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Here is a brief recap of yesterday's record-breaking Day 1a with 41 players surviving all 12 levels. 

Sachin Joshi leads the field with an impressive 287,500 but is closely followed by Fadil Isufi on 270,200. 

As mentioned earlier, ambassadors Ian Simpson and David Vanderheyden made it through with Simon Furneaux (157k), Nicolae Cristea (175k), Andrew Campbell (138k), Colin Bidwell (130k), Karl Mallion (145k), David Stonehouse (187k) and Shaun Woodford (186k) also progressing. 


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As level two draws to a close we are up to 101 entries with the last player walking through the door a well-known voice in poker. 

Daiva Byrne has joined a new table consisting of Espen Uhlen, @FeelsBadMan and Mark @ChapInAChair Tearney and the man taking her seat next to Dara O'Kearney on table 7 is William Kassouf. 

Kassouf, who has won $1,335,051 in live tournaments, was his talkative self as he played his first pot from the small blind against Fredrik Bergmann. 

On a J ♣️ J ♠️ 8 ♣️ flop, Kassouf called Bergmann's cbet before both players checked the 8 ♦️ turn. 

Kassouf said to Bergmann he must only have Ace high and lead out on the 4 ♣️ river. Bergmann didn't oblige and mucked his hand. 



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Day 1b is following in the same vein as 1a by producing big numbers on the entries list. 

After the first three levels, we have seen 114 entries, taking the combined total to 281.

Mark @ChapInAChair Tearney is one of the biggest stacks to emerge from the early play as he has increased his 25k stack up to 60k. 

Blinds are set to increase to 100/200 after the break with the average stack creeping up to 25,900. 

Also, a shoutout to Estonian Jesus who is rocking his new lucky grind socks! 🤣


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William 'HensiePensie' Hens has taken down a nice sized pot early in level four. 

After the Hijack raised to 500, Hens 3bet to 1.5k in the CO and got a call. 

His 1.5k cbet was called after the flop fell 6 ♥️♦️♣️ 

Both players checked the 2 ♥️ turn and Hens faced a 5k pot sized bet after the 10 ♥️ river. 

Hens, who has three Unibet tour cashes to his name, quickly made the call. His opponent showed King high and Hens tabled pocket Aces to take down the pot. 

Entries on the day are now up to 123. 


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Dara has been involved in his first significant hand versus table neighbour Will Kassouf.

The Unibet ambassador told me the action from the hand after he opened from MP with A ♦️♦️ and Kassouf flatted whilst announcing "it's me against the master."

The flop came K 9 2 with two clubs and Dara said he bet 500 after Kassouf said: "that's a good flop for my hand" and was called despite the latter's claims "that he should raise."

Dara checked the 2x turn and Kassouf bet 600 after declaring "he can beat Ace high."

On the 4x river Dara checked and despite Will's thinking out loud and plans to bet he also checked and Dara's two pair was enough to take down the pot versus J10o. 


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Stuck on 26.5k. .Missed 2 draws to my first live Royal flush.

Re potential venues. Rather than doubling up in Manchester why not find a venue in the Midlands, especially if Nottingham is dropped.   Having 2 right at the bottom of the country and 2 up north rules out a lot of people.

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Daiva Byrne has claimed a scalp in level five after calling an all-in river bet. 

Her raise to 700 from MP was called in the BB and they saw a 9 ♥️♠️♣️ flop. Daiva cbet 700 and was hit back on by the BB who raised to 2k. She made the call and the dealer turned over the 2 ♦️ and Daiva faced a 4k bet.

She once again called and when the 4 ♦️ river fell the BB moved all-in for around 12k after a short time thinking.

Daiva made the call without much hesitation and showed 8 ♥️♥️ for the flopped two pair. It was enough to win the pot and eliminate her opponent. Daiva is now sitting on 37k at the start of level six. 



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Do not miss! 

Daiva @balticblonde Byrne will be hosting a special ladies' event here at the Rendezvous Casino, Brighton tomorrow at 4 pm. 

The entry is £50+£5 with 5 x £100 Supernova tickets added to the prize pool. 

After a successful first ladies event in Nottingham during the UK Tour in August which saw experienced and new players do battle and learn the game of Texas Hold'em Poker we hope to see even more players come down and join in on the event! 


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Fredrik Bergmann and Ben 'Estonian Jesus' Tahvonen have both busted in the last hands before the break. 

Fredrik opened the action and got one call from Jerome O'Shea with the flop coming 6 ♥️♣️♣️ 

After the BB checked Fredrik moved all-in for 10k into the 6k pot and O'Shea, who has $118,760 in live tournament earnings, made the call with AQ of clubs for the nut flush draw. 

Fredrik held AK but when the 10 of ♣️ hit the turn it was all over for him. 

It was also not to be for Ben Tahvonen after picking up K ♦️♠️ and raising he got three flat calls before the BB moved all-in for his last 9bbs.

Ben and two other players made the call and the dealer turned over Qx 9 ♦️♦️ 

He bet 5500 and both players called. The turn was the 7♦️ and the action went check, check, all-in. 

With an overpair to the board and the second nut flush draw, Ben made the call but saw the bad news he was drawing dead to the nut flush A ♦️♦️ 

He has decided to re-enter on the break just before registration for the Unibet UK Tour Brighton comes to a finish. 

There are 112 of the 152 Day 1b entries remaining and we will have full confirmation of the prize pool shortly. 


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David Lappin has just tweeted "For the first time in my life, I'm seated at a table with more women than men. I do hope that this is a sign of things to come in poker."

David's table which features Kelly Saxby currently consists of five female and four male players, which is a promising sign ahead of the Ladies Event tomorrow at 4 pm. 

Over to the action on the table and David has started brightly taking down back-to-back pots. 

Both hands went multi-way to the flop and ended in similar fashion. 

In the first scenario, David bet half-pot 5k on a 10 ♠️♦️♦️♥️♥️ board and got two folds to win the pot. 

Just a minute later, his 2700 flop cbet was called by both the CO and SB on a Q ♠️ 10 ♠️ 8 :spades: flop. 

The 10 ♥️ turn went check all round before David bet 10k on the 2 ♣️ river. The CO folded quickly but the SB thought for a while deciding whether to risk the majority of her stack by calling. She made the fold and David contiuned his good run in Day 1b. 


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The blinds are up to 400/800/100 ante here at the Rendezvous Casino with 106 players still in contention of making tomorrow's Day 2. 

Daiva Byrne has busted another player from the field just moments ago when she called a 3bet all-in for 15k after opening to 1.8k. 

Her pocket Jacks were in a race against AQ of Spades. The flop was safe for Daiva and the Jack on the turn cemented the pot for her. 

Espen Uhlen was in action against Nottingham's runner-up @FeelsBadMan moments earlier when the ambassador shoved for 20k on the river with the board showing Q ♠️ 10 ♥️♥️♠️♣️

@FeelsBadMan folded, reluctantly I have to say, what was his hand!?


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We have lost Espen Uhlen and Dara O'Kearney from the Brighton field. 

Dara saw his AK lose to AQ all-in pre-flop whilst Espen saw an action flop when his opponent, Alex May, flopped two pair on an A 7 10 two spade flop and Espen had a flush draw with J ♠️♠️

The Norweigan was unable to hit his huge draw and May's A7 held to eliminate the ambassador and win himself the pot and a £100 UK Tour online ticket. 

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Ben 'Estonian Jesus' Tahvonen is playing his second bullet of the day and its going better for him so far. 

Ben used his last opportunity to rebuy at the end of level six and has turned that 25k stack into 140k. 

After 3betting a MP open from the SB he went heads-up to a 10 ♣️♥️♣️ flop. Ben's 7.5k cbet was snapped called and his 17k bet on the 5 ♠️ was again instantly called. 

When the 8 ♦️ was revealed on the river, Jesus stacked his chips and moved them all into the middle. 

36k was his bet and although his opponent didn't look confident he made the call and Jesus' flipped over pocket Kings. 

It was enough to win the pot as his opponent slowly mucked his hand. 

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