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LIVE BLOG - EO Special Edition Wynn Fall Classic


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Good morning from Las Vegas!

I am very excited to announce that Day 1a of the Wynn Fall Classic European Open is minutes away from starting.

After months of anticipation and battles at the poker tables, those lucky qualifiers are about to play for their share of at least $400,000. 

Earlier this year Unibet announced that they would be marking the 10th anniversary of the European Open by giving players the opportunity to win their way into the Wynn Fall Classic and play a special edition European tournament.

Packages have been available to win on a weekly basis online and were also part of the popular UK Tour, with the event winner and the longest lasting online qualifier from the Glasgow and Nottingham legs booking their seat in the festival.

The Community Blog will be following all the action throughout the tournament and providing you with regular hand updates, player information and answering your questions.

 It is set to be a great four days of poker here at the Wynn Resort.

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In regards to the tournament itself, here is the key information.

There will be two starting flights, today and tomorrow,  with Day 2 on Sunday and the final day's play on Monday.

Day 1 will see players receive a 20,000 chip stack for their $ 1,020 + 80 buy-in and play on 40-minute levels.  There will be a level increase to 60mins for Day 2 and 3.

Play will finish on Day 1 when 15% of the field remains.

 I will also be following the Unibet E-sports SNG that will be getting underway at 2 pm local time. In the field and competing for a share of a 10k prize pool is Hotted89, Djarii, Sco, Onscreen, Hafu, I AM WILDCAT, HayliNic, KOSDFF and popular poker vlogger Andrew Neeme.



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The action is underway at the Wynn. Blinds have started at 25/50 with 131 players currently at the tables. 

With over 150 Unibet qualifiers set to play this weekend, I want to know who you are backing to go the furthest!?

Let the battles commence! 1932170197_EuropeanOpenSpecialEdition2017-Day1a-003.thumb.jpg.73dc8b9bcf667a74b3f4ea3f7d0575f7.jpg




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Unibet ambassadors Espen Jorstad and Rauno Tahvonen spent the last few weeks travelling America in preparation for today's event and both have been involved in first level action. 

Espen told me he won his first pot of the day after facing a raise on the river. 

The Norweigan opened to 150 UTG and got one call in the HJ. 

He cbet 125 on a K ♥️ 5 ♠️ 4 ♠️ flop and got a call. 

Espen continued his aggression on the turn with a larger 525 bet after the 9 ♦️ was turned over, but his opponent was not giving up and once again called. 

On the 9 ♠️ river his small 325 bet was raised to 2k. Espen made the call and showed A ♠️ K ♦️ for top two pair after his opponent had shown 4 ♦️ 6 ♦️ for bottom two pair. 

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Rauno hasn't started as well as his travel partner, Espen, and is down to 12k from his starting 20k. 

After opening the action with 8 ♠️♠️ , he called a raise by the CO and saw a 5 ♦️♥️ 8♥️ flop. 

Rauno called a bet of 1100 with his two pair and the 6 ♣️ was shown on the turn. The CO continued for 3600 and Rauno flipped in the call. 

With the T ♣️ on the river, both players checked and Rauno was unlucky to see that his opponent had rivered a better two pair with pocket Nines. 

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Unibet ambassador Daiva Byrne eliminates a player

The early action has not stopped for the ambassadors as Daiva has now been involved in a large pot and she talked me through the hand. 

After opening UTG to 225, MP 3bet to 750 and the BTN flat called. Daiva made the call.

The A ♠️10 ♣️ 8 ♥️ flop was checked all the way around with the 9 ♣️ tabled on the turn. 

After Daiva checked, MP bet 1.5k and the Button called. Daiva decided to raise to 4.5k,  but both her opponents weren't prepared to give up and called. 

The river was the 6 ♠️ and Daiva bet 10k, before MP moved all-in and the BTN folded. She called and tabled Q ♥️♥️ to bust her opponent who held pocket sevens. 

A great start for @balticblonde

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When @FeelsBadMan played in Nottingham on the UK Tour last month, he finished Day 1a as the smallest stack to qualify.


He returned to Day 1b to try and build a bigger stack and managed to finish the day second in chips.


It may be a similar story here at the Europen Open as he is down to 9k in level three.


I arrived at the action on the river on a 3h 2s 7c 5d 4d board.


Adrian called a 6,700 river bet and mucked after his opponent showed 9c 6c for the straight.

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The eSports Sit n Go is about to begin! 

The player partaking include Alan "Hotted89" Widmann, Sophia "Djarii" White, Scott "Sco" McMillan, Craig "Onscreen" Shannon, Tyler "I AM WILDCAT" Wine, Rumay "Hafu" Wang, Hayli "HayliNic" Baez, Justin "KOSDFF" Chandler, and YouTube personality and  cash player Andrew Neeme.

The live stream will start in one hours time on a delay. 

The prize pool is £10,000 with top three spaces getting paid. 

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Ian Simpson has had to make a fantastic read to get his stack back to a healthy 18k. 837266380_EuropeanOpenSpecialEdition2017-Day1a-018.thumb.jpg.a2dd5b62ceadbdbd9dcefbb41dd4fb85.jpg


 Ian is currently reading "Poker Tells" by Zach Elwood and it seems to be paying off. 

Ian raised to 450 in the BB after the SB limped for 150 and got a call. The flop came Jx 8 :Diamonds: 5 :Diamonds:. 

A cbet of bet 400 was called and the 2 :Hearts: turn was enough for Ian's opponent to check call once again. 

The SB led the K :Hearts: river for 3k into the 3500 pot. 

Ian said he was close to folding but noticed his opponent looking quite nervous. Ian took a minute to think before making the call.The SB showed 3d 6d for a big missed draw and Ian won with J

The SB showed 3d 6d for a big missed draw and Ian won with Js 10s for second pair. 

A great read from Iany! 

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Unibet ambassador Rauno Tahvonen has just battled against Phil Laak. 

Rauno defended his BB after Laak raised to 550 from UTG and UTG+2 flat called with blinds at 75/150/25 ante. 

The 10 ♦️♣️♣️ flop was checked round and Laak bet 1k on the J ♦️ turn. 

Rauno made the call and saw a 2 ♦️ river before leading out 800 and getting Laak to fold who announced he only had King high. 


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Ran Harari has just cracked Aces...TWICE! 

The short stack moved all-in with A ♥️♥️ and was snapped called by Phil Laak who showed the pocket rockets. 

However, the board ran out 5 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♣️ for a straight flush for Harari. 

Just minutes later he was at it again and moved all-in on a 3 ♥️♥️♠️ flop. 

He was behind with top pair 9 ♣️ against Aces , but turned two pair with the 10 ♦️

Two massive lifelines for Harari who is also sat with Daiva Byrne, Rauno and UK pro Matthew Hunt. 

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Big action over in the eSports game. 

Hotted89 went to battle with Djari and cash game pro Andrew Neeme. 

Neeme flopped the straight with 108o on  6 ♠️ 7o 9 ♠️ , Hotted had top pair with 89o and Djari the flush draw with K ♠️♠️

Hotted lead out for 350 and was raised by Djari to 1200. Neeme called and so did Hotted. 

The turn was a huge action card -  the 8 ♠️

Hotted checked to Djari who bet 5k. Neeme called and Hotted made a very reluctant fold. 

On the 3 river, both players checked and Djari took down the first significant pot. 1632644297_EuropeanOpenSpecialEdition2017-Day1a-033.thumb.jpg.fc4277fc901daab80d46666e41982561.jpg

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Estonian Jesus has survived in level six after going all-in. 

The Unibet ambassador otherwise known as Rauno shoved from MP for 19bbs with KJo and got calls from both the SB and BB

The board came K 10 8 7 9 and Rauno survived after chopping the pot with one player who got unlucky with JJ. 

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Play on level six has ended and the 198 remaining players in Day 1a have gone on a short break. 

There have been 239 entries so far, with late registration open until the end of dinner break approx. 7:30pm. 

Despite surviving just minutes ago, Rauno could not channel his Jesus powers and has exited the European Open. 

Rauno moved all-in with A :Spades: 6 :Spades: from the SB and Phil Laak called in the BB with K :Diamonds: Q :Diamonds: 

An interesting Q high flop with two spades gave the Unibet ambassador hope, but it wasn't to be as he missed his flush draw. 

Rauno said he was really happy to get the chance to play with Phil today and even though he lost he thoroughly enjoyed his time at the table. 


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