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Monthly Mission October - February


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Bad news all!!!

I tought they said the monthly missions would change again after this month, so we wouldn't be getting the free spins anymore... 


We will be getting free spins again (For Big Bad Wolf this time)
And the best is... This is at least going on untill fabruary since those pages are already created.

PLease Unibet, Please! Listen to your clients and replace these spins for something else! Something that has to do with poker.
You guys are getting a whole new shedule with a whole new sattelite structure. It would be 1000 times more fun to get a small ticket for that.
nd I'm not complaining for myself, because I will be getting another reward in place, since I'm excluded.

The monthly missions were there to build up your bankroll by playing poker, and that's not what it is now.

@DavidP_Unibet @Chris-Unibet and I don't know who else is in the poker department.

I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
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Agreed. Would be nice to go for the tournament tickets, but playing low SnG's as part of the challenges is a waste of time and effort, if the reward is a majestic 5 or 10 freespins with minimal stakes.

Besides, it's unbalanced. Some may get something from them, many will not.

Bad idea.

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