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DionisODDamn Rank 2
Rank 2

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anybody could tell me how can I get the cash game history for my account.
Are the hands saved in some folders on my computer? 

Sienimyrkytys Rank 10
Rank 10

I think they are not, but I'm not sure.

MadAdo Rank 18
Rank 18

@DionisODDamn  welcome to the Community.

Run your POKER client and than navigate: PROFILE -> HISTORY -> CASH GAME

+ there are some "filters" which you can use for selection ... but I'm worry you are unable to export them to some file becuase Unibet did not like HUDs software (RECREATIONAL play like = "by players, for players") Hope it helps.

FreedoM Rank 22
Rank 22
What MadAdo said, plus you can only see your last 500 hands played.
Welcome to the community!
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