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MetalWolf Rank 19
Rank 19

@mathew1982 wrote:

Good luck for tommorow

Nice to see you at the table kinda deep yesterday

I remember u lost KK to 99 to this guy for the massive chiplead, glad u managed to get backs, u only needed more luck on that heads up. 

At this UOS event, lost heads- up is always bittersweet, because of 5000 freerol and more points. 

4 days ago, 2k garant UOS event i went to heads up agains s1nner, and went to like 8:1 chiplead, still managed to finished second, lost too many 3 outers, so frustrating, finished 2nd was a really bad experience. 

Good luck today and for the future


Yeah that KK to 99 was a hard one to take seeing as I went on to lose heads up to the same person. I did get back in the game cracking their AK with AQ though so can’t be too down about it. I think I played really well overall. Was really happy with my game which is good because I have really lost some motivation and love for poker recently . 

Luckily the points didn’t really matter for me because I hardly played any events but the freeroll would of been nice.

Sounds like you were really unlucky in your event. I’m sure it won’t be long until you’re in that situation again and luck Will be on your side for a big win! Best Of luck to you too and thanks for the kind words Smile

MetalWolf Rank 19
Rank 19

It's been a while since I posted and even longer since a profit update so here it is. Back on track with the tournament profit and overall profit at the highest it's been for the year. Even though I am still disappointed in the year overall. 

Tournaments played: 1843 (990 sats) 

ITM: 514 / 27.89%

Total buyin: €8630.80

Total Cashes: €11365.29

UNIBET Tournament Profit: +€2786.49

ROI: 32.29%

Tournament wins: 17

1x Freeroll - 940 Runners

1x Falling Star - 69 Runners

1x Nano Bounty - 85 Runners

1x Galaxy Nano - 90 Runners

1x Calypso - 33 Runners

1x 1k Dark Matter - 103 Runners

3x Singularity - 87 / 128 / 37 Runners

1x 1k Moonwalk - 119 Runners

1x Deep Crazy Moon - 38 Runners

1x Zenith - 73 Runners

1x PLO Zenith - 40 Runners

1x PLO Shooting Star - 93 Runners

1x Shooting Star - 63 Runners

2x Community Game (€25), (€1)


1: Played 404 won 157= +€87.5

2: Played 850 won 303 = +4

5: Played 391 won 156 = +257.5

10: Played 4 won 1 = -€25

25: Played 1 = -€25

50: Played 2 won 1 = -€25

Hexapro Profit: +€274


4NLH: 42 buyins -4.12 profit

4PLO: 43 buyins +36.86 profit

10NLH: 20 Buyins -3.1 profit

10PLO: 76 Buyins +85.16 profit

25NLH: 2 Buyins +1.51 profit

25PLO: 14 Buyins +97.37 Profit

Cash Profit: +213.68

Total Games Played: 3692

Total Profit: +€3274.17 on Unibet + 165.97 from other sites

 = +€3440.14