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Rank 10

Hi @Krists-Unibet 

Yep i make sccrenshots because then you can understand whats up there 

Look you think just need to play little more then you get your spin but nothings happening end when you refresh you look that still need a lott then you are nervous and a lot thinks happening in your brain thats not just for me but its for all players unibet the better thinks its

fixed it ASAP  

Last time you say thats will be fixed but no one take care of this i make sc for understanding whats going on that's happening a lot time but i think this time will  be the last infused 😊.   Btw thanks for voucher and

for no open new thread whats will be with room bingovile it will be back or was just for promos 

thanks a lot @Krists-Unibet