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  1. Hi ... this is great! please grant me access at the soonest convenience. Cheers :)
  2. This will probably kill my popularity with Mods and Admins of this community but I'm actually gonna go ahead and agree with @Gio000 All is NOT as it seems... Before I elaborate though let me say that I have spent years trying to find poker sites that offer 100 percent unbiased software but the unfortunate reality is that I doubt it exists. I have some of my fave sites where I think the software experience is much better but I won't name drop on here obviously. Unibet is not one of these, however I enjoy the tournament and mission structures on the site as well as the many freerolls and hence, for now I am still a fan. :) OK back to the software... I get that Unibet has no interest in who wins a hand. (So the response received here is not a lie really) But I feel that Unibet does have quite a bit of interest in making sure hands are played, peeps get kicked out and the game moves on and concludes. The quicker games conclude the quicker players will invest in the next game and so on. Thus, the software has been written in such a way to make sure someone hits something most.... probably ike 98 percent of the time. Hence so many RIVER SUCK OUTS.... I Consider myself a good and safe player but I have never lost more strong hands like AA ... KK .... or losing out to river and turn after hitting total nuts on the flop and being drawn All In as I have at Unibet (From the sites I still play on) 1 of the most obvious examples of this is the very noticeable 4 - 5 second pause at some headsup or big pot showdowns when the system works out who to bring the river for. Another thing I've noticed is kind of a loophole within the software when I'm having a bad run of deals. I have a way to get the system to deal me good / decent cards to play. I will not expose the secret and No its nothing illegal and I'm not a hacker or even a programmer. It's just something I've noticed and have used to good effect. Doesnt always work but the rate is high enough that I believe it lol. IN CONCLUSION All of this is only conjecture right? And nothing can be proved... Even more so Nobody will ever admit it. So to be fair ... posting about it etc will not change anything at all. What should change is your approach to games. 1. I always remind myself that I'm up against the software as much as the many poor players found on Unibet and most freeroll rooms who can really spoil a solid poker strategy. I've altered my game quite a bit because of this and had better results. 2. Losing is part of Winning in poker. Aim to lose less, and less often. Just my 5 cents yo ... Good Luck
  3. Hexapro ... not a fan. Though many riches are offered it seems the minimum Payout hits probably 90 percent of the time. Not for the small bankrolls to mess with ;)
  4. Oh WOW!!! ... Thanx for this great post! I always have a good ol chuckle everytime I come up with a new alias. I always take inspiration from the avatar and try to make it as relevant and witty as possible. If I can make it Poker relevant then even better. Problem was always never having someone to share them with!!! Except now thanx to this post. FishWisperer was my very first Unibet alias and the one I mostly use... [The guy holding the fish up as if he is Wispering to it I just found ridiculously funny as well as being able to reference 'FISH', a common term for newbie / amateur players. ... Hence Wispering to them is like training them and having a command over them... eg. Dog Whisperer or Horse Whisperer etc. As for my other aliases... here is a Screenshot. Totally exposed now damn! but who cares.... At least I can share my creativity lol ... You can do ur own working out as to how I got to them and If u like, then give it a like hahaha. Ive seen a few very impressive ones at the tables too but i forget real quick! ... some very out of the box type thinking lol ;) keep it up.
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