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  1. Also, don't treat costumers like they are idiots. That's not helping me to stay at Unibet tbh. Cause when people make fun of people, they get frustrated. Like I am now. Never experienced this kind of mocking on other help/support websites tbh. I put effort in searching for help, yes I am frustrated if things don't work. But you need to accept that. I pay taxes so I can be mad when the road is not good. I pay rake so I can be mad when software is not good. Try to be looking in the place of the costumer 2 pls.
  2. And if you limit the tables to maximum 6 4NL tables, people go up a limit faster. So more profit. It is in this post: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/General-Poker/Cash-game-rake-changes-from-1st-of-April/m-p/315900#M46364 This is also why we've reduced the table cap on NL4 from 8 to 6 tables. We'll monitor the impact of the table cap, and if it has the desired effect, we might lower it further to 4 tables. And the part of "and if it has the desired effect" ... I understand it like this: If the 4NL players move up faster to 10NL (because of max 6 tables) we have the desired effect. More 10NL players is more rake is more profit. So if I am wrong somewhere pls tell me.
  3. If I only come here if something is not working, Rank 7 is high enough. I don't participate in other things so why the "joking"???
  4. Is anyone of unibet even reading this post ffs? I also get ZERO respons to my posts... This is really really enoying me...
  5. I can't reply on many poker topics, like in general poker. Can someone help me out pls?
  6. And I still can't reply on general poker topics. I have rank 7. Other people of rank 3 and even new members can reply there...
  7. Dear Unibet, I don't know what you are doing lately. But I think you are doing things wrong. You try to maximize profit by capping the tables of 4NL to 6 tables. And in the past you've done many more things. I think I have a solution to maximize profit!!! KEEP THE SERVERS RUNNING SMOOTH YOU ***** !
  8. This is a really big problem this weak. Very annoying!
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