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  1. thanks @Livertool @FunckyFish I won an exceptional tournament, pride and 1 cent :)
  2. many tried, but only one survived. I promise to invest this winnings wisely. It was a pleasure to play with you even though I didn't get any ticket ;) #0lucky @Merenitsu with that disconnection.
  3. Thank you @AndreiBN and Unibet for that running that Grand Slam competition once again and congrats to all the winners :) 5x10Euro freebets for me, if its possible
  4. Wow! I didn't expect that coming! I was sure someone will have more correct picks than me :) Thank you for the competition @AndreiBN and Unibet ! Thank you Community for great fun. I would like to split the prize into 5000 poker points and 10x5Euro freebets.
  5. Wooooo-hoooo :) If its possible I'd like to get the prize as 5x5E free bets and the rest in poker points. Thank you @AndreiBN and Unibet crew for your effort and making my favourite community competition possible once again.
  6. @JeppeL It looks like its over now (at least for me) but after disconnection I was unable to login to poker, main site and community. At the moment of disconnection I was playing 4 tables 1E SNGs and it seems like despite not being at logged in managed to finish 2nd in one of them. But the refund for the rest would be appreciated. Its not big money, but its still money. Thank you :)
  7. Yeah, I had to call that. But it wouldn't be the end if I played better earlier, as I spoiled some chips in spots where I should just fold. I believe I felt too secure and called too much when I had bigger stack. That is the part I need to improve! GL @theMachine , May the RNG be with you
  8. I'll try to revenge you @BillyR23 , but Dave avoids calling my bets! BTW I was on your left on that table ;)
  9. Well, there is a guy on my table, that started the 250 buy-in with 4 or 5 consecutive preflop open all-ins. Thats how I doubled up so quick :) That guy plays his 3rd bullet already!
  10. no worries @GR1ZZL3R , Chip lead stays within our great community
  11. @Leo-Unibet any news on that missing UK Tour e-mails / tickets ? I know there are still 4 more days, but I still didn't receive anything and it's better to be safe than sorry.
  12. @Andy-Unibet @Leo-Unibet Same thing here. I would love to play the UK Tour event online, but didn't receive any e-mail and/or ticket. I've also asked for that transfer around two weeks ago in the packages exchange thread. I should have three entries (on 1st March, before the virus situation, I asked you to transfer them to the September live event in London). Thank you for any help or information on that.
  13. Hi there good people :) A few weeks ago I asked to transfer 3 UK Tour packages to the September event. But since Newcastle stop will be played online, would it be possible to transfer 2 of them back (for buy-in and possible re-entry) to this online stage? Can't travel to UK in the next few months, but I would love to play that event online! Thank you in advance.
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