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  1. I seem to have misread the terms and swapped too many 10's for 2's. I do apologise, hardly playing the 2's either at the moment , seem to be trying to go through life while half asleep just now.
  2. May I have access to the ticket exchange please. Thanks
  3. Table balancing that results in concurrent posted BB's, particularly towards the end of a tournament happens all too frequently. Been a victim and benefited from this. But id rather it didn't happen at all. :speechless:
  4. Community is richer for having you back. Good luck to you in all your endeavours. Welcome back.
  5. All good things must come to an end. :waterfall:
  6. @JeppeL possible chip dumping on NL4, definitely strange play. Involved ehcuw99 and Reszka90. Could be wrong but I'll be surprised.
  7. Good man. Thanks, I'll give it a go Jonny. Very handy for these situations.
  8. Don't know how to screenshot. @JeppeL @MarcoV. Chip dumping on NL4, right now. Sopottop14 is one of them. Got disconnected. 12.40pm mammati7 is the other steamboat. Two hand numbers 591854737, 591855034
  9. Thanks @Marco. Quick as a flash you were. Love it.
  10. Hi. I was playing under felpuzzsu. The EWQ guy was raising 3.96 and when the HALL guy went all in he would instantly fold. Fill back up to 4 euro and repeat. About 15 mins ago. I sat out while reporting it and was disconnected. Thanks. Edit by Jeppe-Unibet: Edited subject title.
  11. EWQQEEQQW offloading to HALLGIMMYT NL4. Shameful. @MarcoV
  12. Enjoy your holiday mate, and thanks for a very entertaining blog, loving it. :dissatisfied::cash:🆗
  13. What a motley bunch, joke 😏, I watch all these guys and would recommend anyone interested at all, to do the same Keep up the great work, appreciate the time and effort you put in. 👍
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