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  1. You should have received a replacement ticket now
  2. Refunds should have been automatic as per cancellation policy for tournaments and anyone with cash on a table should now have it returned. Apologies for the disruption.
  3. Hi @SwissWeasle, You can follow the instructions at the link below to close your account. https://unibet-en.helpsite.cloud/content/i-would-like-to-close-my-account
  4. We're having some server issues. Once they are resolved we'll start issuing refunds.
  5. We're having some server issues just now. Once everything is back up we'll start issuing refunds.
  6. The Team Collector promo during the Euros ran over two months which is why there were no monthly missions for June/July. Nobody ever said they were going away
  7. Hi @Ramu1985, Could you confirm what day you had the issues on please? I've checked todays play and you don't appear to have played any tournaments that required a buy-in and no cash game hands have been played.
  8. Hi @aliku, If someone doesn't get to it before Tuesday I'll extend the ticket. You'll never lose the value of the ticket even if it expires, we'll credit a new one.
  9. I've updated the tag on the €50 half-price tickets so that they should be available to use on any €50 buy-in MTT. It might take a few minutes to updated.
  10. You total MTT played would come from the financial (or game stats as it's known in the back office) report although the back office only keeps data for a couple years to stop it grinding to a halt. Avg buy-in/profit could be worked out from a Game History report but you'd have to do the calculations yourself from the data given.
  11. You did miss something You earn 1%/1x of the rake you pay as you play and in L2 that is 2x/2%. You don't earn 2x the loyalty points, they're always earned at 1c = 1 point. The two things happen side by side so you constantly earn loyalty points as you rake and you constantly earn x% rakeback (based on L) but it's paid out in increments of y, based on the table in the first post.
  12. They've received a compensation ticket Revived.
  13. The integration between the community software and the promotion is not complete so it's not a requirement just now.
  14. Hi @Phlo23, You can request a game history report from CS that will give you the name of every MTT you played over the period you request, the buy-in, the finishing position and any payouts. If you have any issues getting it let me know via PM and I'll make sure the agent gives you the correct information.
  15. Hi @Jimmyboy, I've issued you a new ticket. Some of the tickets issued earlier in the euros had too short an expiry in error.
  16. I've replaced the one used on the 13th @Phlo23
  17. You'll receive the increment size based on the level but you'll receive more of those increments because you have a bigger multiplier. For example, level 5 will pay out 7200 BP per step in 50 BP increments if you have 18x multiplier rather than 2600 BP in 50 BP increments at 6.5x.
  18. Hi @BlackPanthe2, These freerolls are open to invited customers only.
  19. Hi @Jester, The ticket you have was for the Q1 2021 UO challenge freerolls that ran at the start of April. It is not valid for any other freerolls and will just expire in due course.
  20. I can revive it but only if you don't have an active bonus on your account. Send me a PM when you're finished with your current bonus and I'll reactive the €500 one so you have some time to clear it. No plans for any more PKO Supernova's at this time. This week is the half-price edition and then next will be back to normal with single re-entry.
  21. Hi @janerik91, We do not offer bulk HH downloads. You can copy and paste single hands from the history tab in the client.
  22. You're ability to play UO qualifiers has not changed. Your ability to convert one ticket into other tickets has. It's two separate things. If you were unable to play the qualifiers then I'd have no problem exchanging them. We had our team meeting yesterday and it was decided DE only exchangers will not be added to the client.
  23. 1. I did say in my last post it's being looked at. 2. Tournament shows in the client 10 hours before start time, it's there now. 3/4. Your tickets have exactly the same value as they did before and are valid for all the same qualifiers as they were before. so no exchanges will be made. 5. The changes to the games we offer were made based on what was deemed commercially viable due to the new tax. We can't simply ignore the rules and carry on.
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