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  1. Glad it came up! So nice to read! Or as @AndreiBN would put it: Lovely. The third remaining guy at the Community side event was @AlexandruDobrin. Say hi to Shannon!
  2. It's for cash game. Here was the sentence. But as a theoretical thought process on MTT it's also a good question :) That's a good point, @MathrimC. MoreTBC wrote it himself in an earlier post. I often make this mistake.
  3. I like you are posting this. Makes me think :) Taking initiative on these hands utg seems a bit loose to me. But it really depends on a lot of things - 6 or 9-tabled, stacks, blinds, how deep, hands played before, who is in the big blind. In most bounty tourneys on Unibet I would in a lot of situations add AJo, KQo, KJo, ATo, 87s and so on. In almost every other MTT I would remove ATs, A5s, 77 and these kind of hands. But again: depends on the situation at the table. Cannot wait for your part two from London :)
  4. What a throwback! Cannot wait for the next event in Copenhagen - be there, Remco! :D
  5. Nice post! Reading it was like experiencing everything again - maybe that's why I will read it one more time now :D Looking forward to the next one! Say hi to Shannon!
  6. Keep on! I like to come by and catch up on your blog every week or two. Enjoying and looking forward to following you in 2017 - and in UO London!
  7. Hey dude, poker does that sometimes. Maybe it's good to have one day off and focus on other things. I'm still admiring your run. Still it's much better than me. Please don't loose hope. We are here for this too. Please keep posting.
  8. I guess you're just running bad. Down swings are so frustrating. And the worst thing is when it affects your state of mind - transforming the poker master mind to a joker field of mines. Continue to focus and your flow will swing up again! Rooting for you!
  9. @Magicadil what happens after 1000?????
  10. Danish religious hymn called: "Lord, I want to thank you". Of course this is for  for his engagement in the community :P
  11. Nice to come back from an extended weekend away and catch up on your blog! Reply: What would you do? - Episode 1 I agree, 1080 is a little on the small side for a 3-bet with already 965 in the pot. I would 3-bet more - especially because with a bigger bet you are still telling the same story about MoreTBC with a big pair on his hand. I agree too the weirdness of SB's bet but I have seen that bet size a lot during the last year - though, not as a 4-bet in SB position. I think he misunderstood the function of this bet size. When it comes to the check at flop I wouldn't do the same. You're in position, villain just checked and I would put him to the test. Maybe K is a scare card for him as well. If he had AK, AA or so I would expect him to make a happy bet. I would test him with a small bet that tells him I have my pair. If he called I would bet small again at turn. If he called again I would put him at TT, JJ or even QQ. If he checked again at river I would make a small bet again. If he shoved or made the same half pot bet I would my pants and call - considering his dizzy play. The way you played it I'm not surprised he tried to steal at a river bet. But it's hard when he is 4-betting before flop with a hand like your spoiler tells. In Early 4 bounty my experience is that our friends play more aggresively than in other MTTs. Generally (and maybe I shouldn't write that here), I have a more suspicious tactic in this particular tourney. Keep blogging, it's nice to follow - also your reporting. Hopefully we see you at the community table on wednesdays in September. All the best
  12. Goood job! I'm really excited about following you on this! Never reported myself but I think you might have inspired me. This is really what the community is about - learning and developing together.
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