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  1. What type of bonus is it? Free spins, bonus money, deposit bonus, ... Maybe You have an active bonus which You need to finish or cancel first to activate Your new one.
  2. Don't wanna sound like a broken record but here we go again. I get it, it's a free for all promotion and all that stuff but come on. How hard is it to offer us 2-3 matches instead of one. Yesterday we had one match, choose between under/over 10.5 corners. Today a single CS match which as well is a total coinflip. There is LoL and Dota matches everyday as well as some wonky basketball and friendly football. Please give people choices and realistic chances to go on nice streak. The compartment running this promotion must be the laziest guys ever.
  3. ... and we back to football, friendly match woooow. 1 game. Can someone contact the person(s) in charge of the promotion. This is total joke picks.
  4. Why has it been only football? And today it has gone to hockey and just a single match. Clearly the person handling this promotion can do a better job. There is CS:GO tournaments going, as well as League of Legends and Dota. Australian AFL and NRL besides the football A-League. Saw some Tajikistan basketball matches. Maybe there's some snooker or darts going I'm not sure. But just offering a single match of some unknown hockey is just bs.
  5. Just pointing out that matches 4 and 5 are played tomorrow. :)
  6. now use that luck on some real tourneys :D :D @AndreiBN
  7. Go for it! If You make it, it would be a damn awesome story to tell.
  8. Match nmb 6 - Collins vs Vickey played tomorrow 22:00 CET. They just had a thrilling ITF final yesterday where Collins had a 1-6 6-3 6-4 comeback victory.
  9. I dont think Ferrer is much of reliability any more but thats only my opinion. Other than that i think you have picked quite a lot winners here.
  10. Winners for some earlier matches today: T. Maria vs A. Potapova 1@1.79 M. Zverev - B.Tomic 2@1.89 I also fancy T. Daniel against Kukushkin. Odds at 3.00.
  11. Tatjana Maria - Kayla Day 1@1.7 Jiri Vesely - F. Delbonis 1@1.55 Daniel Evans - Dustin Brown 1@1.47
  12. Bonzi vs Medvedev, 2@1,45 - gift from the Gods Golubic vs Sasnovich, 2@1,90 - gift from the Gods I do like all ur bets for today, except Evans. not much hope for him imo Taro Daniel should take the match 3-1. Poland no chance. no Kappa
  13. Sry for short message. I have followed quite a few T. Daniel games recently and there is no way he gonna lose to Rublev on clay. He is simply not good on clay, on hard surface i would probably take Rublev. But today, on that day, on this court, Daniel for sure. Not many arguments in this post, but as a tennis bettor i have a very good feeling about Daniel. Even tho he had mediocre performance against Pecotic he will sure do better against this unconcistent Russian.
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