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  1. Please Unibet, take action, you are still my favorite broker, but you can't stay left behind, other major sport brokers are finding ways around it. Shouldn't be to hard to give us E-cash vouchers instead of plain cash to convert our points.
  2. Looks great! I hope you find a way to give non-monetary rewards to left-out countries soon.
  3. Can't you open like a shop where you can buy Iphones, Unibet t-shirts, charities donation, with our points instead of rake-back? This can be a win-win situation and you'r not breaking the legislation then; everyone happy. With doing nothing, long-term you will lose customers in sport-betting and poker.
  4. [bUMP] Any answer for why Pokerstars still are giving some form of rake-back and Unibet isn't doing anything?
  5. @JeppeL What I mean about is that the true ambassadors of Poker are the people who are actually winning at the games. Without winning players the game will be destroyed.
  6. @wwaanneess Unibet should do something: 1) Give us a perspective when this will be solved 2) Talk to their community and involve us in the process what can be done with this legislation. Pokerstars is still giving chests, isn't the gambling aspect of chests much higher and more addictive then louter rakeback? Talk to pokerstars why can they still give some form of rake-back? ---- In the long-term I think no-rake-back/promotion is n't good for poker, this will kill the dream of poker and the network effect.
  7. I still didn't receive my results
  8. Well, I'm curious; 45 minutes left
  9. Didn't get my results after 1 week. I would like my results of Banzai nl 20 for 2020 and 2019 seperated. Thanks in advance.
  10. I would like my results of banzail nl20 of 2019 and 2020. Thanks in advance.
  11. Yea, I can't imagine that the Belgium legislation wanted to hurt online-poker with these new rules. Please, just fix it.
  12. I sended an email to "Koen Geens", at info.kabinet@just.fgov.be - he implimented this last law - It's just ridiculous how they're handling us like children who can't make a decisions without limits everywhere. They limit the freedom in which sites can offer entertainment and thereby limit us to spend our own money in the things we want.
  13. I absolute loved the way rakeback worked on unibet and I feel so dissapointed that regulations made this impossible. I'm a 200nl grinder and my last time grinding I had 1million points. Without rake-back I'm not motivated enough to keep playing anymore. I understand that unibet has to adapt to the legislation, can we as players complain about this somewhere directly to the department that is responsible for this childish, ridicouous legislation?? Maybe we can also have a little impact that will get us back a decent regulation for poker. Greetings Jeroen
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