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I see these advertised on Unibet daily and often on Sundays.  The rules state that your best spin is averaged out over 20 spins or something.  Could someone explain what this exactly means.  Also does your betting wage matter?  Does a 20cent better have the same chance as a 2 dollar better? 

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If a tournament is equalised it basically means that your bet size doesn't matter. The score is calculated like this: total wins/bets x 100, usually over 20 consecutive rounds. So you have to play at least 20 rounds to qualify, but you can always keep playing if you want to increase your score. The system will automatically count your best 20 rounds in a row. You can find more info here: https://www.unibet.com/help/products/casino/tournaments

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 Congratulations on the win!

The tournament in which you've qualified for free spins seems to be the one played yesterday on the 2nd. The payout period for the tournament is 48 hours and you should receive your free spins tomorrow no later than 23:59.

I'm sorry that you feel you had a bad experience with your contact to customer service, not sure if there was a miscommunication in regards to when the tournament in question was played, but the information from the agent about the free spins being paid out within 48 hours of the tournament ending was correct :)


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Thank you  for the explaination and link.

This is an old post but ranked #1 in the search so I keep posting here instead of starting a new one.

Since it's calculated as win/stake x 100 this strategy maybe works:

If you get a big win let's say 50 x stake (which alone should give you a score of 5000), then after that, the rest of your stakes should be lower or at least not higher than that one, since if your total stake amount is much higher than that big win one.

First example 1 bet x 50 win +  19 bets (at the same stake) x 2 win
88/20 x 100  = 440 total score

Second example 1 bet x 50 win +  19 bets (at the double stake as the good one) x 2 win
122/39 x 100 = 312 total score


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YVW. 😃 And yeah, that sounds like a pretty valid strategy . Personally, I haven't given it much thought since I rarely tinker with the bet size anyway, I just play the way I normally would even if I enter a tournament. But I think the main reason they implemented the equalized scoring was to make the tournaments fair to both highrollers and "lowrollers". So which ever category you belong to, I'd say it's probably best to just keep the stakes the same throughout. 😃

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