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10th anniversary phase tournament


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hi guys, 

I want to enter the upcoming 10th anniv phase tournament,  but not sure exactly how it works. If you want to play this event do you need to be prepared to play every day? If not how exactly does it work?  


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Hi @hustler122

  There are 5 phase 1 tourneys per day, you may enter any or all of them and by surviving 19 levels reach Phase 2, played on 17 March at 18:00 UK time, where you will automatically be in the money and playing for big payouts. BUT you only carry through your highest chip amount from phase 1 no matter how many times you qualify from them. Some players might play 1 phase 1, survive and be happy to reach the money, some will play more in an attempt to carry through a bigger stack to try to be higher in the payout table and win more money or even the tourney itself. The choice rests with the individual. 




I've been playing the €1 qualifiers this week and have 3 x €10 phase 1 tickets (thin , very thin, brag 😬) locked and loaded, so will probably play the first three Phase 1 today, see how they go, and take it from there.


Good Luck. 🍀


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 @GR1ZZL3R thanks a lot for such an in depth overview of how it works! I am actually abroad on the date of the phase two and it would be the middle of the night over there, so seems pointless to play any of the phases one's if I can't do phase two. 


best of luck with your three bullets mate!

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