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Poker product got blocked


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Try to log in today, said access was denied and to contact support. Opened live chat (Chat ID: 5844063) and after answering security questions got an reply:

We sent you an email on 25 November regarding the block on poker on your account, Did you read it?

After a few minutes, when she pasted the email in the chat i figured the email the lady was referring to was sent over a year ago:


date: Nov 25, 2022, 3:48 PM
subject: Unibet -Poker query [Incident: 221117-002057]
We are contacting you back regarding your Poker query.
Please find the reply from the relevant team below:
3rd party software use is prohibited with the Unibet poker client" is the official line and what's in the T&Cs but as the customer mentioned, we're more lenient in terms of enforcing this when it comes to software that is just used for table management and specifically the moving and resizing of tables. The customer is ok to use the software for the function they're suggesting but they must be made aware that although we're not actively pursuing anyone using 3rd party software for table management, this may change in future but we'll notify them if this is the case so that can make changes pro-actively. If the customer is found to be using features of 3rd party tools outside basic table movement and resizing then we may enforce the "no 3rd party rule.


At the time i played on multiple sites and read in the community forums that using 3rd party software for moving and resizing tables is ok. 

Just to be sure i sent and email and got the reply above (a year ago)

So i used stackandtile for a few weeks and decided to drop the other sites and play on unibet only, and stoped using SAT.

That was december of last year/january this year iirc.


Note that when i started playing on unibet only, i didnt have opened any other programs besides unibet and firefox for music on youtube and im pretty sure you track this all the time.

Also from the email above: "this may change in future but we'll notify them if this is the case so that can make changes pro-actively"

But once again i didnt use it for almost a year. That makes this even more ridiculous.


So why now, after i didnt use the software for almost a year, a software you specifically told me i can use, and when i used it i did exactly as you required, i got a ban with that explanation.

So i kindly ask you to consider all the facts stated here, to check my logs for using 3rd party software and to please change the decision that im banned from playing poker.

Thank you



Sent this to support with hope that i would get some more help and get unbaned. Honestly shocked with the the ban and the reason, like someone accidentally clicked the ban on my account and well here is an email from a year ago couse there is no other explanaion......

If any rep could help and point someone from the security department to the thread would be really thankful

Also if anyone still uses jurojin, SAT or any other software for table management you should stop.


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Sorry about the confusion from support. Nothing that's mentioned above is relevant.... 🙄

The review has got nothing to do with the poker product as such, but is anti money-laundering related (routine check I'd call it). As it isn't related to poker, I won't be able to help here. Please reach out to live chat again (understand if that doesn't sound very tempting...) and I'm sure they can clarify what's going on - normally the support is much, much better than in this case.

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Thanks for the reply,  happy that its a confusion.

Tried contacting live once again and got  Lizzie: We sent you an email on 25 November regarding the block on poker on your account

Once i explained and posted the link to this thread she said to contact support via mail which i already did before posting here.


Should have mentioned that i had to update my account with the info from my income, and after doing that access was still dennied so contacted support to se do i need to send in any documents to hurry up the process . But before i got to even ask a question got the reply -  you are banned read the email, and that was the only response from there after. Guess they get a  lot of harassment from people with closed accounts.


Will update once its resolved


TY once again


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Sorry to hear it was messed up again! I'll follow up on this one internally.

What I suspect has happened is that the agents have been in a hurry, checked the contact history and latest support case, which were about the 3rd party software. I'm not quite sure how they missed the latest comment on the account, about the source of wealth check, but I'm also not aware of how  they're working with the different systems these days.

You shouldn't have any reason to worry about this check, and I believe it'll all be handled this week 🙂 

Sorry again!

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Just got a mail that the block has been removed, and opened the client, everything fine.

I can’t or don’t know how to edit the name of the thread so if a mod can either edit it and ad resolved or delete the whole thread to not confuse other players.

Thanks Stubbe for the help

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