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How much rakeback can I get on Unibet poker?


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As the promo page is rather long and complex, I thought I'd provide a really simple overview of the current Unibet poker loyalty program/rakeback:


The reason there's a minimum range for lvl 6 and 7: when you reach lvl 6/7, you unlock a carry-over for next quarter. The lower percentage is RB without this carry-over, while the higher percentage is with the carry-over.
The minimum rakeback is the absolute minimum all players are guaranteed to get, if they rake the relevant amount in the quarter.

The actual max rakeback is greater than in the above table. The table is more of a theoretical max that we're comfortable promoting. If we include promotions, we do have players getting +75% rakeback. 

In the past, we gave a lot of bonuses and tickets as part of the loyalty program. This is no longer the case: it's currently only cash or bonus points (bonus points is our in-client shop currency which you can buy bonuses and tickets with).

For full details and mechanics, see the promo page: https://www.unibet.co.uk/poker/unibetpokerloyalty

Please note that Belgium, Sweden and Netherlands currently do not have loyalty available, due to local regulations. Furthermore, there's a different loyalty program for players from Denmark. 

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Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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3 minutes ago, 18yo said:

Am I getting more XP per 1$ paid in rake on lvl 6 comparing to lvl 3 for example?


No, you will always get 1 xp per one cent raked.

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