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Ticket expired because I could not enter the client during my holiday. No help from support whatsoever.


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Won a ticket for the 50€ satelite end of August.

Went on holiday from 31/08 and came back late Tuesdaynight 12/09.

Wasn't able to open the site due to restrictions when I was in Egypt.

Opened the client yesterday to finally play again and saw that the ticket expired on Tuesday.

Contacted support and explained the situation and got an email back this morning that there was nothing they can do for me.

Really not happy about this situation.

Why is there an expiringdate in the first place and second why is it only a few weeks?

Feel ripped off since it's not my fault I can't use the client on holiday so there was no way of checking when it would expire.

Also the response that they can't do anything for me feels like a cheap excuse.

I can prove I wasn't in Europe.


Really disapointed about this!

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Welcome back and hope you had a nice vacation!

Few different things I'd like to mention here:

  • There's not a single other site that'd give you a new ticket, because you went on vacation and didn't use the original
  • You're from a market with basically a complete bonus ban. One could argue that it'd constitute such, a bonus, if we were to give you a new ticket
  • You chose to buy into a tournament that paid out tickets, you chose not to use it before you went on vacation, you chose to go on vacation, you chose to go on vacation to a location where the site is blocked
  • There must be an expiry date on the ticket for finance and accounting reasons
  • The expiry date should be reasonably short, to allow for easier schedule management
  • Under normal circumstances you'd have had more than 120 different tournament you could play, before the ticket expired - 14 days really is plenty for such a ticket, due to the many qualifiers

So while I do understand it sucks to lose the ticket, I have to side with support on this one. It really can't be our fault that you didn't use the ticket.

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