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Blocking in Hungary


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  • 2 weeks later...

It seems like this is the site which is currently blocked. But they are busy blocking the hu.unibet... addresses is well.


Some people broke up two of my mailboxes a few months ago.

Thousands of people were reading my emails for more than a month. Also two hungarian politicians posted something on their social media mocking me after i wrote something to a close friend about my situation. Instead of reporting that my mailbox was broken they did the opposite what they should have done.

These people will be prosecuted one day. They should be aware of this. The internet does not forget. It is also possible that some of them are reading this also.

I sent on my twitter account to Viktor Orbán, that he should go to hell. My human rights were trampled in the mud for the last few years. I can't get medical care for free while i would need it, i can't get a decent job because people are afraid to employ someone who wants to send Orbán and his corrupt government to the jail.

I have been living from microstakes poker in the last 3-4 years, very hard times, i have been earning 99% of my money from unibet.

I wrote to my friend that if they block this site it's probably game over for me. That's why they started to block the site, to finish me.

Of course it's not over yet. I had a feeling that they have been watching me, doing what they did just proved it.

So this is the story so far. This government will go to jail. Everyone knows this. They have gone to far. They violate basic human rights, they are corrupt, greedy bastards.

All true hungarians have to feel shame about these assholes controlling our country. But the day will come, they will get kicked in their ass badly.

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