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Oh darling ....I know what's the problem 🙂

System has noticed difference in your gaming behaviour.... Reasons could be different  as using different deposit metods( like example one time you deposit with bank account, other deposit with credit card,  other with other deposit method...)

or you have visited bonus page too often in account  ... 

Or you are spending all your limits too often like example deposit maximum limit you have made in account every day or spending all the time wich is allowed in Unibet every day... 

For me it seems funny that they block  player from receiving bonuses for about month if player visit bonus page more than one time a day. ... Or they restrict player from bonuses because they use different deposit methods... My question is than why there is any bonus page in account if its not allowed to looke there more than once and why  there is about 5 deposit methods available if it is not safe to deposit different methods?! 🤔

I am getting like 1 eur live casino bonus about once in a month because once they unblock my account and I can get bonuses again I am breaking "those safe rules" the same they so they restrict  my account from bonuses for another month 😃😃😃

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@Kikimiki22 Doubt there's any worries for you. But for example, Visa Electron cards dies off next year. Visa kills them. No new cards aren't allowed to be send. They become Depits 2024.
So everyone using those globally have to go through some basic security checks soon, for example.
When it comes to bonuses received, well, if it feels wrong it might be a good thing to search for those elsewhere, just saying as a fellow customer. That'd be kinda sane thing to do.
The bonus reward system for casinoplayers at ub isn't even near good from players perspective. I like the pokerproduct, but sure as hell the casino part ain't my thing when it comes to elongated, fullfilled experince for the money spend.
Choose your pleasure.

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