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Multiples in sports betting

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how does the multiples work in sports betting? i really dont understand. lets say for example i got a 10ling and place it as doubles? what happens next? what do i need to win, how do i loose? ect

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Then you'd essentially just be placing multiple doubles: all of the ten outcomes are combined into 45 different doubles. This means that if just two of your ten predictions are correct, you'll get some money on return. If all 10 predictions are correct, you win on all 45 doubles.

Making doubles will obviously result on a much lower odds than if you just place one combination where all ten outcomes need to be right.

Below a copy and paste from our help centre. Happy to explain in more detail with some examples, if you can specify what you're unsure about.

"Multiples bet will list all the different combination bets available within your selections. You can then bet on them but remember – your stake is multiplied by the number of possible outcomes. So if you select 8 sports events and wanted to bet ‘six folds’ (combinations of 6), your stake would be multiplied by 28, as that's how many winning combinations of 6 are possible within your 8 selections.

A Trixie is when you select 3 events and place 4 bets – 3 doubles and 1 treble.

A Yankee is when you select 4 events and place 11 bets – 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 fourfold."

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