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equitys on river


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Hard to say anything without any details about the full situation, do you still got the hand on clients handhistory?

The equity counter rounds up some things like splitting odds, but it's always better for all to have the hand actions to take a look at it 🤔 Suited cards matter often etc.

Edit. Not sure if the counter is even seen if allins are done on the river

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My initial message might be unclear.

Why do I have 9% when in reality I should have 7%? 

Every other time when I have 3 outs on the river it says 7% but whenever I have 3 outs of the ace it always says 9% like the pic below? 

Skärmbild 2022-10-07 215557.png

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23 hours ago, Purps said:


There were some 2% mistakes on Omaha also discussed on another thread earlier....


Don't know if they did anything to fix it...

Okay thanks for info. 

Seems odd its just the ace that is wrong going to the river in an all in situation. 

So you have 2% added equity drawing to 3 outs on the ace, good to know 🙂

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