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@SupiDr I know the feeling, although I have some very rare avatars won through achievements I don't like and use them frequently. On the other hand I've seen a collection of all avatars till 03.2022 and there could be seen some very cool ones - most of them custom made, I guess.

The strange thing is they are not to be seen at the tables, at least by me. The only one I see from time to time is this one which is cool too:


and I saved cause couldn't find it in my gameplay screenshots. like this two of which the first is nice and unusual, as well:

1629979614_avatar1.png.72f11dc93ec0585c7b17cb47c76cecd6.png  865009643_avatar2.png.d30a73eb117b156d32cca533d4e9ce7c.png


There are some more which I've seen in the past, but didn't bother to save.

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It was in one of the custom builds of the client I used. I believe the avatars are confidential info too, so uploaded only the firefighter one, which could be seen frequently at the tables.

Yes there was such a reward and maybe most of them are acquired that way. The others are of Unibet past and present ambassadors. 

The strange thing is I've never seen the ones of the high volume players at the tables. I guess they are mainly high stakes cash players and that is the reason.

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