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Hi, Thought I'd make a Blog here as the community seems pretty friendly and I've just moved my little roll to Unibet. It's also a great way to track my own progress

40 years old (dinosaur) from UK generally play 10nl cash but am looking to move up, I'm not very good at cash yet but slowly improving. Being an ex MTT player I've a few bad habits to iron out. I'm working at it slowly though I'm sure I'll get there in the end

Won't be grinding as many hands as some here as I work Full time.

Deposited 456 euro yesterday and am up 8 buyins already from a few sessions. Need to make a bankroll plan for shot taking 25nl, I may try it aggressively at around 625 and move back down at 500, not quite made my mind up yet I'll see how I get on

Generally play 4-6 tables, 4 is probably optimal for me as I can make better decisions.

I  play a little PLO and mtt on the side sometimes

Anyway GL everybody I'll post some hands here soon 

Current Bankroll                  bankroll.png.5f8c2de64b3087f61a89e899481f60ce.png


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