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The most beautiful football goals of all time


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In the history of football millions of goals have been made, but there are some that really stand out from the rest and make you go wow at the pure beauty of the technique used to score. So which goal do you think is the most beautifully executed one of all time? Please post the videos here for everyone to enjoy. 😃

One of my absolute favourites is Shaqiri's lovely bicycle goal in the Euros:

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This isn't the best goal I remember, far from actually, but it's the most memorable to me. 

Draxler, 17 and a bit at the time, got his Bundesliga debut the 15th of January 2011. Back then the expectations were extremely high, higher than today I'd say, and the week after his debut he was the second youngest player to be in the starting 11 of a Bundesliga match, ever.
Just a few days later, Schalke were playing against Nürnberg in the DFB Pokal, and Draxler started on the bench. Schalke were behind twice in the match but managed a 2-2 in ordinary time, which meant another 2*15 minutes were to be played. 
After about 116 minutes, the game was still 2-2, and Draxler came on to replace Kluge - Draxler still looking like a little baby and still attending school. After just a couple of minutes on the pitch, the 17-year-old scored an amazing goal, a goal I'm sure he'll remember forever. As the commentator says: "17 years, two minutes on the pitch, like a Holywood movie. Second touch, two minutes on the pitch and Julian Draxler scores".
Sorry everything has to be about the Bundesliga :D

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