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We have done some optimization with the schedule where all "themed" tournaments have the same starting time.
Tournaments that are more like one-offs during a day will start 5 minutes past full hour. We make this change so it will be easier for you to keep track what minute of the hour your favorite tournament starts.

Some themed tournaments also have been replaced by a more popular tournament.
All the changes will take place on the upcoming days. I hope you will appreciate the more consistent scheduling.     

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All these added new bounties closer to midnight seems to be doing quite well.
Was a good move to finally add more of them with decent buy-ins 👍


Edit. Only thing I'd wish for is the starting stacks to 3k, but it's not t
hat catastrophic to have 16BBs after latereg time. What matters is that they're there at last, and the duration is less than 2 hours. Which is nice 🙂
Good job!

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