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How to change Cash Game Table? New Feature Request?


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I play mostly cash games. Being a beginner, I can manage only one table at a time. But sometimes, the competition on some tables is very aggressive or very boring.

In situations like that, I want to sit in a table with different players on the cash games. I leave a table and then come back after a few minutes, and I'm placed back on the same table. Its kind of irritating because we have spend a BigBlind and then realise it is the same table.

This trick worked: Instead of leaving the current table, I'll just sit out of the action, and then add a new table. This way we get a new set of players on the new table. Now I can leave the old table and continue playing on the new table. 

But, the above trick will not work, If i'm using a cash game ticket (buy in maximum). 

Please let me know if there is a way to select a new table without going through the process of a new table. 

If there is no such feature, may I raise a request for such feature. 

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    I also play mostly cash but there is very little you can do about table selection. When I first start I open 1 table and immediately hit the sit out button. This allows me to open more tables and pick which one I want to sit in on, basically only based on stack sizes of all the players. I then discard all the other tables I don't want. I usually wait about 5 minutes after leaving one table, rarely coming back to the same one, and if you're playing with a ticket that doesn't have enough balance for two tables there's nothing you can do otherwise. You may raise a request for a new feature but there's virtually absolutely positively no chance whatsoever of it happening, maybe. 🤔

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Thanks for the tips on selecting table by sitting out. That'll help. 
About raising it as a new feature request, I think it's worth a try. 

Many of the features available on other popular sites are not there on Unibet. I believe this is to keep the games fun and not become a nest of professional grinders who will ruin all the fun.  I think that's the reason why we do not have table selection feature. 

My proposal would be a simple button "Change table" -> places the player on a random table where seat is available. This way pain of changing table is solved without breaking the philosophy of Unibet. It will also help in cases of cash card tickets. 

What say? Worth a shot?

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