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Most assists Jupiler Pro League (Belgian)

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I made a bet at the beginning of the season on who'll get the most assists at the end of the season in the Belgian Jupiler Pro League.

It's quite likely it will end up being a tie between Holzhauser & Mercier. I was wondering how this bet will be handled? Are the odds going to be halved? Or will there be only one player, based on extra criteria (played minutes etc...)?

Because on the Pro League site, Mercier is currently being assigned as nr. 1 and Holzhauser as nr. 2 but I don't know what this is based on, as they both hold 16 assists right now.


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"In an "Outright" or "Place" bet, should two or more participants be considered to have obtained the same result and the organizing association does not distinguish in their classification the “Dead Heat rule” as specified in Unibet’s Sportsbook General Terms and Conditions applies <Section B, Para 5, Clause 14>"

"If two or more Participants share the applicable finishing positions and no odds have been offered for a drawn outcome, the payout will be calculated by dividing the stake by the number of participants sharing those certain positions and are settled accordingly. The payout will always be at least equal to the stake, except in cases of “Head to Heads”, see <Section B, Para 2.5> and <Section B, Para 5.19>"

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