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Crash soft.


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I explain to you my problem which persists for a few days now, whether it is on my basic setup (Desktop computer) or laptop or phone (to verify)
 the problem remains present and is unlocked after 5-10 minutes. I launch my tournament setup, the software cuts out. I raise, my euro account is at 0. 
The registered tournaments do not start and I directly lose my time bank as well as shots because of the sit out. 
After all get back to normal, my euros end up with the real number and tournaments start. I put you so attached screens.
Do you know how to look at worries? I remind you, it is only at the launch of the software and that no matter what I use as a device, I launched the tables.
 Sometimes, it happens after 10-15 minutes of play. Thank you and sorry for my English, j 'uses a translator.



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