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Home Game Champion of Champions 2020


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Hi Everyone,

The home game initiative started in early 2020 has been a great success. We had thousands of games run in 2020 and new and existing games continue to have run at the start of 2021. We wanted to thank the players for choosing to take their home games online with us by rewarding some of the most consistent home games of 2020 with the opportunity to win some prizes for their respective home games. After a couple of completely not alcoholic beverages in a very formal meeting with the godfather of home game creation, @DavidLappin, the "Home Game Champion of Champions" tournament was born!

11 of the most active home games of 2020 would play a special qualifier version of their normal home game during week one of the UOS, between 1st and 7th March. Based on the average number of entrants in each home game 1-3 players would qualify. Here are the list of Home Games that are taking part and the number of players going to the final from their game: -

Pauls Game: 1
Doghouse: 1
UTC: 2
Fives Leeds: 1
Green Jacket: 1
Butlers Home Game: 2
Richards Kitchen: 1
Metrol: 1
Black Bull Game: 1
TPT Mayhem: 3
Renfrewhomegame: 2

The winner(s) for each home game would then receive a ticket to the HG COC (giggles) on Sunday 14th March to compete for the following prizes: -

1st place - €1,100 Unibet Open Online ticket  + €250 to be added to the winning players home game in MTT tickets + The glory of being Home Game Champion of Champions
2nd place - €150 added to the runner ups home game in MTT tickets
3rd place - €50 added to the 3rd place finishers home game in MTT ticket

Week one has now been completed and the winners have their tickets for the final. 

@IanSimpson will (hopefully, if he looks at his messages) be railing the final live on Twitch this Sunday so everyone can follow the action as we crown the COC of 2020 (giggles again)

We wanted to make sure there was a space for the members of each home game to represent their squad and get involved in some friendly smack talk before the final on Sunday and this is exactly what this thread is for. I'll post another update at the start of next week and then we'll follow the journey of our Champion of Champions as they play the Unibet Open Online.

T&Cs of the promotion are here just in case anyone wants to look at a bunch of words and bullet points.

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Congratulation to Danielson6 from the TPT Mayhem home game for becoming our first Home Game Champion of Champions

8 of the 16 qualifiers attended the final and it took just under 2 hours and 20 minutes for Danielson6 to win the first prize of a €1,100 Unibet Open Online ticket and €250 of MTT tickets to be added as prizes in the TPT Mayhem home game.

Former_Champ from the Renfrewhomegame home game finished second, securing €150 in MTT tickets for their home game.

The final payout went to TPT_Goofy, also from TPT Mayhem, adding another €50 in MTT tickets to their home game haul.

We'll be keeping an eye on Danielson6 this Sunday as they battle it out for the Unibet Open Online title.


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