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Re-buy and Add-on - question from a new player


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at the end of a re-buy period you can add-on if you wish, so far so good!

Sometimes you get asked if you wish to re-buy first and then Add-on, which I don't understand i.e. if I select not to Re-buy will I still get to Add-on?

Under what circumstances does it let you Re-buy when you still have chips at the end of the Re-buy period? The Add-on is always better value so there are times when I only planned to Add-on.

Thanks for any guidance with this.



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You can addon regardless of taking the rebuy or not; you just need to still be in the tournament, when the addon break kicks in :)


You will generally have the option to rebuy when you have less than the starting stack. We have 3 different types of rebuy

- Broke. Similar to re-entry. Rebuy only possible when you have lost your entire stack.

- Normal. You can rebuy when you have less than starting stack (mostly used for addon tournaments)

- Always. You can rebuy at any time (rarely used).


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