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Best / Worst Major Challenge


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I know the whole loyalty scheme will have a revamp next year and challenges removed? I don't really know but just for fun, what major challenge do you guys/girls like the most and which ones the least?

I can understand that having had a bad experience with trying to complete a major challenge will probably boot it into the worst challenge category for lots of us so interesting to see if people have different views on this.

I don't really have a best or a favourite one but I do like the one where you have to flop a set (5/5) as it seems I'm more focused on having a pp in my hand and trying to see a flop even if it isn't the correct play, aka I will overcall / or call bad priced 3b just for trying to hit my set 🤣

For the worst one I have 2 in mind, 'make a flush or better on the flop' (2/2) is just an annoying one, mostly the one I skip, I've had it 1/2 and then it just took ages to complete and when you do you hit flushes and boats left right and center 🤣
Another one which isn't a favourite is reach a flop where the first is a ♥️  second a ♦️ and third a ♣️ which I think is (5/5) and one that can drag on as well at times. 

Let me hear yours!

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