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Why are there no pot-limit Texas hold’em games?


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Hi there everyone!

I was just wondering why there are no pot limit hold'em tournaments on this site?

I am getting tired of the all-in brigade that cannot seem to lose with their small pockets, 3 outers and long shot runners ro the river.

Pot limit would be ideal to bring some skill back. It does not even have to be big tournaments. Unibet could start with a €2 to see how it goes.

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If you have QQ and a player goes all-in to put your tournament life on the line would you not like to see the flop first?


I take it you must be part of the all-in brigade. Pot-limit is quite well liked, otherwise pot-limit Omaha would not exist.


The idea behind pot-limit is to ensure that players cannot rely on shoving with any 2 cards and then get lucky with their 3 outer on the river.You are required to be more selective.


It also lowers your variance, just as running a hand twice in a cash game.

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So you would fold KK, QQ, AKs and AQs to an all-in?


My point is, that not everyone excels at no-limit. I prefer to play a game where skill determines the outcome not gambling.


Also, I was hoping by posting this topic that I would enquire people who understand variance, -/+ EV and who wish to play something more interesting - not be trolled by someone who does not understand poker.


I was also hoping that someone from Unibet could answer my question.

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