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UK extra ticket.


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    Hello, respected Stubbe and all Unibet teamuos. Please, if it is possible, I have two tickets to UK, but due to Coronavirus it could be hard to get to England, due to restrictions and economic situation.even if it will be held there afterwards. I ask you to give me one ticket, so that I can play UK online event, the other, I ask you to give so that I can play other UOS events, let's say like this 2x25E UOS rickets 10x10E UOS tickets 20x5E tickets. (total 250 E) Thank you in advance. Hope for you, and believe in you, my dear Unibet. You are - one of the best rooms !!!      


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@Lovehope, UK your and UO tickets can't be exchanged to other types, sorry. Note that you can do a re-entry in the online UK tour event.

I also think it's very likely that we'll see another online UK tour, given the Corona situation in the UK, so even if you don't use both tickets next month, you'll probably have another opportunity :)

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Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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