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The refund for a ticket for € 2 HexaPro;)


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Hello. I just wanted to play Hexapro for 2 €. Ok, I got it all OK and wait for 5 minutes. for two, but nobody joins and I decided to go to the main lobby and here zonk. I had 8.95 € (40 zlotys) on the account, probably and now I have not been refunded for my ticket and I have 6.95 in balance.

This happened to me for the first time and I couldn't believe what happened; D

I would like return ticket or entry fee. Regards

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Damnn 🤣 ... with all respect for the whole elite and their work, but sometimes you really have to wait a long time until someone responds to a given problem in advance and write back, because unfortunately the conversation at the Unibet chat does not give us anything, even when it comes to returning the ticket, or entry fee;)

In my opinion, such a large company as Unibet should not allow such situations on the forum so that people wait so long for an answer (I will be there in 8h). Of course, there are a few exceptions, because they understand that everyone has, apart from work (for which you get paid), private life and some of their matters to do, but in the end if you want to be one of the best in this industry and on the whole line, then you can't operate on the forum, where sometimes one user will get an answer in a few minutes and the other one after a few minutes.

I also understand that it is the middle of the night in Malta, but it is the same time as in Poland, that is just 12:00 CEST. If you have a problem with the number of people in the community to help, then hire one more moderator and then there will be no such problem, because it is obvious to the naked eye that there is someone missing here who will be guarding also at night and certainly such someone, for some would be salvation more than once and you would gain a lot in the eyes of users.

I am surprised at all, because I am in the chairman's seat (how many people visit here, or have seen at least once what life is like on the forum and how things are), if I would care about the community and a wide opinion, I would soon make you a graphic and weekly that you would change and one of you would have a night change hehe.

If someone finally appears here (strange, because almost everyone is online), I would like to ask you to return the entry fee (2 €), not the ticket, because even I wanted to play by waiting ...

ps. I will even make your work easier so that you don't have to look after my story and here you have ss:





I do not understand why this happened, because as I mentioned, after five minutes of waiting for rivals, I unsubscribed as usual and went out to the main lobby and here I did not return my funds to the account, where before at 19:18 there was no problem:




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@FreedoM  I've watched this community for a long time, but I registered in January '19 and never tagged mods here or on any other forums, I always wrote pw after creating the thread;) Returning to tagging, every moderator entering the forum automatically sees new topics and no need to tag anything. Is this not the case?

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