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Cashout unable


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Hello guys,

Question, I got 2 big bets (big by the numbers of events) and actually I got 7/10 and 10/12 rigths bets and today is the final decision.

But there are no possiblities of cashout.

Is there any king of limitations or specials rules I don't know about?





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Hello @mediax , 

There's no specific rules about cash-out feature. It's just it's not a guaranteed option every time and this happens for a various number of reason. 

One of the reason is odds changing or maybe different combinations that they don't allow. But in situations with a large number of bets on the betslip most of the times it gets active again when there's only 1 game left to play. Again, this is not a rule , it's something i've noticed when i had these types of betslips.

So what i would suggest is to make sure you follow the progress and wait for it to be active again. Best of luck with your betslips!

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@Joco wrote:

Cash-out feature is only available for live bets (at least for me).

@Joco I think it has no effect, there are many 'pre' events that are not available during the match - so cashout is not available. 

ps. also for freebets cashout is not available:wow:

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