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Accidental registration (after winning 2k-ticket)


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Just won a ticket to the unibet open Dublin 2020 last night and saw the ticket in my inventory. I could not find where to register and accidentaly bought in to the "UNIBET OPEN DUBLIN PACKAGE DIRECT BUY-IN" thinking that it will use my ticket. It took money from my account instead. Would appreciate it if someone could unregister me from this "tournament" asap, return the money to my account and instruct me on how I should use this 2k-ticket. (I've recieved no email instructions so far).

All the best, Emil.

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@Guldet, congrats on winning the package!


Money has been returned to your account now. You can just ignore the ticket on your account - it's just a placeholder. You should receive an email this week with further information about the tournament etc. :)

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