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Reload bug


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Today i encountered i think a serious bug in a software. I was playing 6tables at nl cash games, i lost one of bi and tried to reload. I pushed 'add' button, but nothing happened, finally chips were added to the table, but cash was drawn from my account three times.

I've already make a complaint at live support, but they told me that i have to wait for a email from them. Maybe @Stubbe-Unibet  you can make things go faster? I'll really appreciate this.

Second thing is a trust. We do not have any tracking software there, so we rely on software when it comes to cash counting. Maybe its first time this happened, maybe not, now i can't be sure about that, especially when i play with hidden balance and do not count how many buyins i lost or won. Anyway this is first time i saw this happened.

There is screenshot from my account when cash were taken. Two first attempts have 1 second difference, and a third one 8 seconds after them when i started to think why money wasnt added when i click first time.

To guys who not polish aware, first column is a date 'Today ....' and third one is a 'Poker - Cash game reload'

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