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#MotherShipPoker Flying Higher and Faster in 2020


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StreamCoverPage-2020.thumb.png.9f570029adc3e6650df55035c4f73552.pngI've been sitting on this news for a bit as the details were all worked out, but I'm thrilled to announce that Unibet has been kind enough to offer partnership to the #MotherShip.  As you can imagine, I snap-called!

Its been a wild ride so far on the #MotherShip.  We are closing in on a year of streaming the #FreerollChallenge, and in that year we set a BR max of €370.71, and we went from playing freerolls for 2c bounties all the way up to playing €5 and €10 buy-ins.  And its all still a freeroll.

I'm thrilled to have the support of Unibet now, and eternally grateful for the support of @IanSimpson, @DaVitsche and everyone who has ever taken a ride with me.  I'll be playing bigger games on a more regular basis in 2020, and looking to build my bankroll even more.  I'm also very much motivated to get to a Unibet live sometime in 2020, so look for me to play more Unibet Open and UK Tour Qualifiers as well.

If you haven't joined us for a flight yet, head over to MotherShip Poker on Twitch and click follow to be notified of our next liftoff!  We'll be flying as deep as we can into the Unibet Poker Universe, so "Cya out there" ...




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