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Number of cards does not match official bundesliga results


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I placed a bet that there will be more than 1,5 cards for away team in the Paderborn-Frankfurt match. 

It’s marked as a lost bet in my account, however bundesliga.com report states that Frankfurt had 2 cards. 

Where does Unibet get their stats from and will this be changed since it’s obvious that there were 2 cards for Frankfurt. 

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@Hello_World wrote:

This doesnt make any sense. Especially these days since more and more matches have 5+ overtime due to VAR for example. 

Following this logic, if Frankfurt scored in 96’ for 2-2 you would still register the match as 2-1?

Indeed @Hello_World, if you would have placed a bet on +3.5 goals full time and the 4th goal would have been scored in overtime it wouldn't have been taken into consideration. 

Only markets that specifically state "Full-time + overtime" would be the ones that take into consideration anything after the 90th minute.

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"Regular Time" or "Full time" is defined as interpreted by the official rules published by the respective governing association. For example, in football, full time is stipulated to be 90 minutes including injury time...

@RayL I think that you are mixing overtime with injury time. 

Full time in football is always including injury time since it happens before the final wistle. 

However, if you can show me the article of your betting rules where it’s stated that injury time is not included, I will appreciate it. 


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@Hello_World, got an answer back and it indeed seems that I was wrong regarding the terms however the outcome doesn't change based on terms and conditions  C.14.5: 

"On all bets related to yellow/red cards, booking points, etc., only cards shown to players which at that
moment are on the pitch are valid for settlement purposes. Cards, disciplinary actions, suspensions,
imposed on any other individual which at the moment of the sanction is not, or should not, be actively
playing on the pitch, as well as disciplinary measures taken after the game has officially ended, are


Thus, the settlement is correct, please see attached video as the final whistle has been blown, without the card being awarded.

As per Bundesliga website, the card was awarded at 90'+6.

The match ended at exactly 90'+5:00 as per video.





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