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Champions League Round of 16 Draw


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Borussia Dortmund v PSG

Real Madrid v Manchester City

Atalanta v Valencia

Atletico Madrid v Liverpool

Chelsea v Bayern Munich

Lyon v Juventus

Tottenham v RB Leipzig

Napoli v Barcelona

Some tasty looking match ups in there. Nice to see Liverpool getting a tough draw for a change. :) I doubt City would have wanted Real and Chelsea won't fancy Bayern much. I wonder if Mourinho was disappointed or relieved that Spuds got RB instead of Barca?

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Tough match-ups. Valencia and Atalanta ones that can consider themselves lucky, ok maybe Juventus also.

This must be the first time there are no teams outside of the 5 big leagues on the round of 16. Mixed feelings about that, but probably something we just have to get used to  :wonder:

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