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Extremely poor pre-match betting options for ATP Finals


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@JeppeL , @RayL , 

Could you please ask your betting provider to step up their game? It's mindblowing how it is possible a sportsbetting company , like Unibet , to have 6 ( six ) !!! pre match betting markets on a doubles ATP Finals match!

On top of that , you are hosting a "Betting Champioship" only including ATP Finals + David Cup matches and yet you offer this poor betting pre match selection.

I have been posting about this many times, but of course, did not get any reply. Even in january this year made a post about the exact same things happening in a Grand Slam tournament. "Happy" to see that during a year time you have done absolutely nothing to improve this. You can read about this post here : https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Betting-and-Sports/Tennis-pre-match-betting-options-extremly-poor/m-p/221227#M29986

Pretty sure by this time next year i will make anotherpost about a thing like this, but hey, you can always hope, right? :)

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