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Where my free spins


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@RayL  Today my free spins are gone 

in plot slot was 100 free spins today 70

in money nansion was 40 free spins  today 0

these spins were gotten from Unibet biggest bingo spin drop in 2019!

nothing about the duration of the spins in the promo is not indicated

there is only one date is November 2.


This promotion will run from 00:01 CET 1st September 2019 to 23:59 CET 2nd November 2019.
1006 spin drops will take place each day between during the promotional period.
This promotion is valid for Bingo only; mini games are not included.
To be eligible for a prize drop, players need to be actively playing in the relevant room, as displayed on the bingo lobby
The qualifying room is announced daily and is identified by a themed background.
Players can win multiple prizes.
Cash Spin prizes are instantly credited to the players' cash spin balance.
We reserve the right to change or cancel the promotion at any time.
General Unibet Terms and Conditions apply.
In the event of inconsistency or discrepancy between the English version and any other language version of these Terms and Conditions, the English language version shall prevail.
Last update of Terms and Conditions : 29/08/2019 00:01

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Hi @Merenitsu

Congratulations on your free spin winnings from the cannon! 

The expiry time for free spins is usually 7 days. You can view your current free spins/vouchers/scratchcards by clicking on 'My Bingo' 626838064_mybingo.JPG.489b9ad9a07f6bcb1e07e7c8fd5eb113.JPG 


This is how a free spin looks in bingo. As you can see it's a tile with game name/spin amount/spin value and when the frees spin will expire


Please try to use free spins until they expire, as a one time goodwill I have re-issued the free spins for you!


Good luck 😃

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@Krists-Unibet  Hi 😃

I see that you added my prizes. Thanks, but that doesn’t completely solve.
Look, I blocked the casino and games until November 2. I did not know that I also blocked mini-games, because this is another sector.
 I realized this when I wanted to scroll through them. I did not know that these spins have such a short validity period and thanks for the button, where now I can see it. If I knew all this, I would simply not play bingo, because it makes no sense. Tomorrow my spins will disappear and after 3 days the rest. Maybe you can somehow extend or add them on November 2. It's just a pity to lose them, because in bingo I had 0 luck.

And further. Since this happened to me, it can happen to others. Rename the "games" into "mini-games in bingo" so that the guys understand that they are blocking.
Indicate in the Terms and Conditions the duration of all prizes

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Good morning @Merenitsu,

Thank you for your feedback! 

Technically Bingo 'minigames' are the same casino slot games you can spin under the 'Casino' tab (by mechanics). If they are the same type of games it wouldn't make sense from an RG perspective to have different categories for them. If minigame is the same casino game it shouldn't be available for a person who has blocked 'casino' product. 


Now, what we usually offer to customers who receive free spins but have their casino blocked is to exchange those free spins to bingo vouchers in equivalent value. In your case, as the casino block finishes on the 2nd of October, I will re-issue the free spins so you can use them after the block has ended as you requested 😃


Happy spinning! 

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