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Umibet open slot


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Hi all

how do you get 3 spins?

I have seen 70 cash 2 - 4 cent flops and got a spin then i played 10 x 1 euro hexapro but didnt get a spin?

I did do the 10 sit and go games and got a spin but i did them before midnight and may have to do another 10 today

I thought if you play the cash game and the hexapro and the sit and go you would get the 3 spins and an extra one the following day for doing all 3.

Thanks in advance.

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This is from TC: so yes, the additional spin will appear on the next day.

"Players can earn up to three Free Spins per day, by playing Cash Games, Sit & Gos or HexaPro tournaments.

Players can earn one extra Free Spin for the next day only when they reach three Free Spins within one day. The extra Free Spin is only available the next day."


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