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NetEnt balance different from account balance

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I have a certain amount of money in my account, let's say 400 local currency. When I open a regular slot, let's say Novomatic, it shows the same number in the slot, pretty straight forward.

But when I open a NetEnt slot my balance there is higher, let's say 550 local currency. I know why this happens, I made some wins, I played in some promotions and the winnings must be played with, before they appear as regular money. I think they should be played around 25 times.

Okay, but there is no indication to show progress and I don't know when I'm done. How do I know when the two values will be the same ?

You might say, okay check your active bonuses. Don't worry about that, yes I have only 1 active bonus but that is for 50 local currency, but the difference between my account balance and my NetEnt balance is way higher than 50, it's 150, so it's not about that active bonus. Also, that active bonus has 0 balance right now because of loss, so where is the progression for that 150 local currency difference ?

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Hi @adriantempo, I completely understand what you are trying to say.
As you mention, if you have winnings from a Free Spins, bonus then that money will only be visible in the NetEnt system, thus only playable on NetEnt slots, which is why you are seeing a different account balance than the one you actually have on your account.
Unfortunately at the moment there isn't a widget or a way to check your progression exactly unless you calculate it based on your account history. We are always happy to help though. By either contacting us or by contacting Customer Service, you can find out exactly what your wagering status is at any given moment. Sorry about the inconvenience, I get that this is not the clearest way to overview your activity and requirements, I've understood that developments are being made to make this more transparent towards the players however there is no timeframe yet over when this wagering widget will be rolled out.


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