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Poker Bootcamp 3week High Stakes


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I took 4th position in summer bootcamp week 3 and according to terms and conditions:

"Payouts will be made within three business days from the end of each leaderboard according to the player’s position on the leaderboard."

I should have extra money bonus on my account, I don't see anything like that.

Second thing - I think that I don't receive points in 4 summer bootcamp for high stakes, because in last week, everyday I had informations that I accomplished some of bootcamp missions, in this week I don't have anything like that and I don't see me on top50 player leaderboard.


Could you @Patric-Unibet or @RayL check these two things?


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Hey @Anarch9 ,

I just checked your account and you received 200 EUR on 22/07/2019, 12:16:12 for your leaderboard position. You must have missed it somehow.

Regarding your missing points: This week is PLO week (it changes every week with NLH and PLO taking turns), you only NLH hence no points received. Next week will be NLH again.

You can find all the information of the promotion here.



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