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New design of casino website


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Is it me or is anyone else hating the new design of the online casino? You use to press go back to lobby and it took you back to the page that you had filtered to, for example all slots. Now you go right back to the home page and have to go through the filters all over again, and this is every time you change games. I end up just going new games or recommended games so get bored really quickly. I’m guessing the point is they want you to play sponsored games but what if you have some old favourites that it is now too complicated to get too? I’ve hardly played at all since it changed and now go to other sites, which is a shame as the game choices were so much better at Unibet.

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Hiya, have to admit that can't see much difference in the page (only using the New Slots -filter mainly), so can't tell much about it.. But i'm sure the staff peeps like @Fredrik-Unibet are highly interested about the feedback and knows more why/how it's been changed.

Welcome to the forum anyway @Appyammer 😃

(Edit. And other similar topic:

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