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I've been playing UB for yonks with reasonable success. I'm writing cus it's lonesome in Peterborough, no casino, no peers. So, a very big hello!! to all the community!! I've stayed at a safe distance til now, putting it simply it'd just be nice share my love, my learning curve with any that care and are also, meh, amatuer pro, we all make the pool what it is! So, hello again.

Cards has been me sole, i won't say career, it pays for me beer as i'm sure it does many of you. Me users are 'f1v3h34d' 'w3t' 'sup3rus3r' etc. Please hit me up! Good luck at the tables all!

Si xx



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In all honesty, in the ten + years i've played, i've not delved much into cash games. I play them for fun sometimes, but in the long run, unless ya playing ALOt of tables, it's a grind. Also remember, there are no casinos in peterborough, so nothing soft to make a wage of sorts.

Personally i prefer 5-25 mtts, and if satties permit, as high as they'll let me. What about yaself monkey!?


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Hey @f1v3h34d 

No tournaments for me at the moment spend all my time studying and grinding cash 😃

Just trying to climb the ladder main game is only NL10 at the moment.

Wont be my main stake for long i am sure, masters degree in PioSolver nearly complete 🆒 

Good luck

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@wwaanneess wrote:

Welcome to our community! 

Hoe come no live poker in Scotland? Scots seem like a degen kind of people to me at first sight... 

@wwaanneess Peterborough is not in Scotland, maybe you're thinking of Peterhead. :wonder:

"It turns out that 75% of all poker players think they play better than the other 75%."     image.png.99a4e82708d54abfc527324e8836768e.png

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are we talking Ontario?,  used to have a freind with benefits I visited at Bobcagyn, probably spelt wrong, but that was much back in the day.

I play cash, nl and plo and MMT depending on how my brain is working.   Cash nl I've recently moved up to NL25 and am enjoying it, I find each level I play has a vibe, and at 25 people seem to understand and consider the type of player you are displaying that day.  plo I am still at 4 and 10 but its funny my most consitistant profit is on PLO.

MMT are 5 and 10 mostly, but the length of them is starting to wear on me.   Used to play early morning (on the sites time) and they would be down and dirty quickly but now if they are not cancelled becasue of lack of players they last forever.

I find if I study everyday, and play everyday I can get into a pretty good flow but if I take 4 or 5 days off I can really screw up my game.   There are days when I have to tell myself to nit up, play premuim hands only and stop throwing money away.  

anyway good to talk to you.



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