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50 euro uk tour ticket


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i have a ticket for the 50 euro uk tour in my account. I wanted to register for the uk tour final and so i clicked on 'register'.

as always the next question is if you want to use your ticket or you want to use cash, but now it didn't ask me the question and used directly cash, which i obviously didn't want. i can assure you i didn't missclick, the money got off my account, without asking the question.

i would like that the 50 euro in cash goes back to my account and the ticket be redeemed instead.

now i'm playing the final, and i will obviously try to win, but whatever the result, i want the 50 euro in cash back and the ticket redeemed please.



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So, I was lucky enough to win one of the packages.

Nevertheless, I still want my 50 euro cash back and instead the 50 euro UK Tour ticket out of my account.

As you can see, I've always played the 4 euro- and 50 euro- qualifiers with tickets, so it makes no sense that I would choose to use cash instead of the ticket. I repeat that I never was asked the question if I want to use ticket or cash.

I really hope I get the 50 euro cash back and you can take the ticket out of my account.

Thanks in advance

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